July 2021
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Continuing to Beat the Drum-Notes from the Editor
Russell K. McAllister, M.D., FASA

On the Shoulders of Giants Series: Legends of Texas Anesthesiology Francis Joseph Dannemiller, M.D.
Frank J. Villamaria, M.D., MPH

Generational Learning Part 3: Trending Social Media Education
Jenny E. Pennycuff, M.D., M.S.
Lisa R. Farmer, M.D.

What Anesthesiologists Should Know About Kidney Transplantation in Texas in 2021
Alexander Reskallah, M.D.
Sara Guzman-Reyes, M.D.
Johanna B De Haan, M.D.
Srikanth Sridhar, M.D.
Evan G Pivalizza, MBCHB, FFASA

Warrior Pose: Reimagining Physician Wellness and Resilience in the Wake of the Pandemic
Rhashedah Ekeoduru, M.D.

Professionalism and the Hidden Curriculum in Anesthesiology Training Programs: Time to Reconsider How it is Taught?
Sonal Zambare, M.D., D. ABA
Jaime Ortiz, M.D., MBA, FASA

Let Them Drink: One Institution’s Experience with Reduced Fasting Guidelines for Pediatric Patients
Yiyi Liu, M.D.
Lauren Lobaugh, M.D., M.A.S.
Zuhair Siddiqui, M.D., MPH

Postoperative Delirium
Christine Trieu, M.D.
Suman Rajagopalan, M.D., FASA

Is Your Anesthesia Staff Prepared for Hurricane Season?
Lisa Mouzi Wofford, M.D.

Fear of Opioids: Are Physicians Over Utilizing Tramadol and Codeine Due to a False Sense of Security?
Rhashedah Ekeoduru, M.D.
Sarah Tariq, M.D.
Allison Buchanan, M.D.
Maria Matuszczak,M.D.

ASA Director’s Report
Interim Report - March 2021
Scott E. Kercheville, M.D.

Summary of Actions
TSA Board of Directors

In Memoriam

New Members

TSA Future Meeting Dates

TSA District Directors and District Map

The information, opinions and conclusions contained in this publication are believed to be true and accurate at the date of publication. Because of rapid advances in medical science, ongoing legislative and judicial developments, and the possibility of error or omission, the reader should make an independent verification of all relevant facts. Neither the editors nor the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc., make any warranty or guarantee, express or implied, regarding the material contained in this publication.

Save the Date!
TSA Annual Meeting 2021
September 9-12, 2021

JW Marriott SA

Editor Russell K. McAllister, MD
Associate Editor David E. Bryant, MD
Associate Editor Rhashedah A. Ekeoduru, MD
Associate Editor Kristina L. Goff, MDD
Associate Editor Brian D. Masel, MD
Associate Editor Jaime Ortiz, MD
Associate Editor Daniel Tolpin, MD
Associate Editor Sherif Z. Zaafran, MD
AMA Editor Asa C. Lockhart, MD
Academics Editor Russell K. McAllister, MD

Anesthesia Safety Editor Richard P. Dutton, MD
ASA Director Editor Scott E. Kercheville, MD
Communications Editor Christopher Cook, MD
Economics Editor Chris D. Glover, MD
Governmental Affairs Editor George W. Williams, MD
History Editor Udaya B. Padakandla, MD
Pediatrics Editor Priscilla J. Garcia, MD
Publication Coordinator Christina D. Bacak
Publication Assistant Judy Garcia-Bigger

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