MAY 17, 2021


  1. Approved the minutes of the May 17, 2021 TSA Board of Directors Meeting as written.

  2. Charged the Bylaws Committee with creating language to add the selection of the Charles E. Cowles Professional Citizenship Award recipient to the duties of the Awards Committee, and it should be noted that this award is based on merit and may not be awarded every year.

  3. Charged the Awards Committee with creating an official recommendation to honor Bonnie Bruce. The recommendation should be sent to the Executive Committee for consideration.

  4. Expressed gratitude to Dr. George W. Williams for the excellent job he has done in transitioning the TSA Director of Governmental Affairs position.

  5. Requested committee chairs to schedule meetings for their committees during the months of October and November. Each chair should include in their meeting agenda a topic or item on diversity, equity or inclusion that will be addressed in the upcoming year.

  6. Confirmed TSA’s desire to maintain Clayton Devin as the TSA Legal Consultant.

  7. Informed members that conflict-of-interest forms will be distributed prior to the end of the year.

  8. Noted that professionalism guidelines for best practices are being developed for board members and committee chairs.

  9. To address Resolution 3 approved by the TSA House of Delegates to cease using the term provider, the Society will begin revising TSA documents by replacing the word provider with the word physician.

  10. Created the Ad-hoc Committee to Evaluate the Feasibility of a Regional Anesthesia & Acute Pain Structure. Appointed Drs. Amr E. Abouleish (Chair), Christopher R. Cook, Nadia Hernandez, Erik C. Hustak, Girish P. Joshi, Xuan T. Langridge, Jeremie J. Perry, Jose M. Soliz, and George W. Williams to the committee.

  11. Referred Resolution 1 requesting the creation of a permanent, physician-led, independently funded organization dedicated to the balanced, non-partisan study of health care policy to the GAC to determine the next best steps.

  12. Appointed Dr. Christopher T. Stephens to chair the Ad-hoc Committee to Study Current Involvement and Future Opportunities for Anesthesiologists in EMS.

  13. Charged the Bylaws Committee with developing a core value statement that is inclusive of an element of diversity within the TSA.

  14. Announced the 4th quarter of this year as the timeline for release of TSA podcasts.

  15. Recognized Drs. Carlos-Nicholas L. Lee and Jaime Ortiz for their efforts with the creation of podcasts.

  16. Recognized Jessica Shepherd and the TSA staff for their assistance in navigating the Education Committee thru the pandemic discussions over the last two years.

  17. Expressed gratitude to the members of the Education Committee for their engagement and involvement.

  18. Informed members that the TSA 2022 Anesthesiologists Days at the Capitol are scheduled for March 27-28.

  19. Announced that Elizabeth Farley will be joining the TSA on November 1st as our Director of Governmental Affairs.

  20. Informed the members that the TSA submitted separate comments on the No Surprise Bill Act.

  21. Encouraged all members to call and introduce themselves to their legislators.

  22. Requested that constituents of Rep. Lizzie Fletcher contact her to ask why she has not signed the letter by Reps. Ami Bera and Larry Bucshon banning Medicare cuts.

  23. Announced September 30th as the 2021 TSAPAC Day of Giving.

  24. Expressed gratitude to Ashlee Quick for her efforts in preparing for this year’s TSAPAC Day of Giving.

  25. Recognized Dr. George W. Williams for his outstanding work as TSA Treasurer.

  26. Recognized Chris Bacak for saving the TSA $220K+ in cancellation fees for a second year.

  27. Announced that a poll will be distributed to determine the date for the next Board meeting.

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