Texas Society of Anesthesiologists


2013    Robert I. Parks, Jr., MD

2012    James P. McMichael, MD and Ann G. Becker

2012    (Not Awarded)

2010    Margaret A. Wilson, MD

2009    William H. King, MD

2008    William H. Hadnott, II, MD

2007    Joseph P. Annis, MD

2006    Robert P. Viles, MD

2005    Vayden F. Stanley, MD

2004    James W. Cottingham, MD

2003    A. H. “Buddy” Giesecke, MD

2002    Charles Tandy, MD

2001    James F. Arens, MD

2000    Earl Grant, MD

1999    Eugene Slataper, MD

1998    Betty Stephenson, MD

1997    Lamar Jackson, MD

1996    (Not Awarded)

1995    Val F. Borum, MD

1994    Harold C. Boehning, MD

1993    Presley Chalmers, MD


1992    Milton M. Rosenzweig, MD

1991    (Not Awarded)

1990    Ivey E. Lamberth, MD

1989    Gerald G. Mullikin, MD

1988    Lawrence F. Schumacher, Jr., MD

1987    M.T. “Pepper” Jenkins, MD

1986    Charles H. Gillespie, MD

1985    Charles R. Allen, Ph.D., MD

1984    Philip R. Overton, LL.B

1983    (Not Awarded)

1982    Joe Billy Wood, MD

1981    H. C. Slocum, MD